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Get our High Tide Sea Salt Spray & our New Moon Biotin Shampoo paired with our flagship Eclipse Paste or Solstice Clay for $65.

Clean. Natural. Enriched.

Grooming At It's Finest

Luna Grooming Co. wants to contribute to the men’s grooming industry by educating people on the importance of achieving and maintaining healthy hair while using quality products to provide longer lasting results.

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Clean Ingredients

We care about your hair, which is why we use clean, plant-based and natural ingredients in our products including:

Lavender Extract
Rosemary Extract 
Horsetail Plant Extract 
Nettle Leaf Extract 
Sage Extract
Chinese Ginseng Extract 
Calendula Extract
Olive Oil 
Camellia Leaf Extract 
Jojoba Oil 
Seaweed Extract 
Hemp Seed Oil 
Magnesium Sulfate
Himalayan Link Sea Salt


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